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Artifex Simulation and Training Systems Ltd. is an independent organization offering a multidisciplinary engineering and scientific staff with a history of long term support to the military training industry. Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, Artifex is a well-established Hungarian MoD defence contractor since 1989. Artifex’s ongoing commitment to develop quality software is reflected in its ISO 9001. Artifex is certified as a supplier for NATO tenders up to NATO Secret levels. The Hungarian MoD is currently using more than 15 systems developed by Artifex.


Providing integrated training solutions (Training need analysis; Training systems development; Training support; Simulation instruction)

Applied modelling, principles and simulation theories

Applied built-in GIS and real time expert systems

Real time visualization

WEB based interactive training environment

Software development based on customer requirements

Having been in the simulation and training industry for nearly twenty years, Artifex with its 25 strong staff provides its customers the following benefits: long term and well-founded IT expertise at the cutting edge of technology; independence, responsiveness, cost effective, highly flexible operations; considerable experience working with military personnel, with an understanding of technical and training needs of the military; using very effective, proven methods integrating IT, system engineering, simulation principles and GIS into state of the art training systems, simulations and other applications.


Simulation Systems Software Development - The main focus of Artifex is the development of cost effective military simulation systems. They deliver training solutions for individual soldiers and up to corps level units as well. They use low cost PC based technology even for the most complex constructive simulation system. Artifex’s customers are those military users, who look for elaborated, state of the art, customized solutions based on COTS or low-cost hardware for their training needs.

Military Expert Software Development - Based on their twenty year experience on knowledge engineering, the company is developing military expert software, which includes among others the functions of a terrain assessment GIS system and a database of military equipment and weapons containing items from pistol ammunition to aircraft carriers. This system supports group work in the military decision making process executed at different levels of the military organization structure.

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Artifex Simulation and Training Systems Ltd.

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