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  • Ballistic Protection

BASELLI HERMANOS LTDA (BHL) founded in 1981 as a manufacturer of sports helmets, moved in 1984 into the defense sector by producing carbon fibre helmets for the army. Since the first contract with the army, BHL has diversified into the production of flight helmets for the Air Force of Chile, has repaired a shipment of U.S. M-1 helmets, and produced its own M-2 helmet similar to the U.S. Fritz helmet. BHL also manufactures helmets for the Chilean troopers, paratroopers, and police forces.

Additionally, BASELLI HERMANOS specializes in the design and development of bulletproof vests for military use, such as buoyant bulletproof tactical vests, among others, according to customers’ requests.

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Baselli Hermanos Ltda (BHL)

  • Camino a Melipilla # 1710, Padre hurtado, Santiago, Chile
  • +56228112600
  • +56228112601
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