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CCII Systems (Pty) Ltd. (C2I2 Systems) is a company specialising in real-time systems development and especially data communications for real-time systems. These capabilities are applicable to the system architecture and implementation of complex, distributed, real-time control and management systems.

Along with capabilities in the areas of software engineering and system integration, C2I2 Systems is well placed to provide effective solutions to any organisation's information engineering requirements.

The company’s core activities focus on segments of Defence Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems.

Standards - Software is developed according to ISO/IEC 12207 Standard for Information Technology using templates from MIL-STD-498 Software Development and Documentation.

Methodology - Generally, software is developed in accordance with a documented company standard methodology known as C5S C²I² Systems C and C++ Coding Standard which uses MIL-STD-498 as a guide.

C2I2 Systems is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The company’s products list includes:

Communications Simulator and Analyser (CSA) - The CSA is a versatile and generic data communications simulator and analyser. It provides the capability to interactively simulate and analyse message-based communications between any number of system components or sub-systems. The CSA system supports a multitude of protocols and communications media including Fibre Distributed Data Interface (FDDI), Ethernet, RS-422 (HDLC) and RS-232.

Real-Time WeatherWatch (RTWW) – RTWW provides real–time weather information from multiple remote sites on an interactive web page. Weather trends are displayed allowing clients to monitor and predict weather patterns. A digital camera captures high-resolution images which are displayed on a web page allowing the World Wide Web client to view the selected site and its weather conditions.

Remote Monitor and Controller (RMC) – RMC provides an integrated solution for monitoring and controlling any electrical or electronic device by means of remote communications using SMS and GPRS. A Global Positioning System (GPS) module, various meteorological sensors and various communication technologies are optional.

Signal Concentrator Unit (SCU) - SCU is a real-time distribution system for system sensor data. The SCU has been designed for mission-critical applications and therefore intrinsically supports a dual-redundant configuration of two or more SCUs.

Armoured Vehicle Local Area Network (AVLAN) - AVLAN is a high-speed data network for Next Generation Armoured Vehicle Turrets and Platforms. The AVLAN is based on the IMS. The AVLAN has much more stringent requirements than the Naval IMS with guaranteed latencies in the sub-millisecond range. It can be based on either fibre or copper media.

C2I2 Systems

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