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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

Founded in 1983, CEA Technologies specialises in the design, development and manufacture of advanced radar and communications solutions for civil and military applications.

The company continually endeavours to expand its reach into the international market and successfully exports to the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Pacific countries. A steady and continuous corporate growth has resulted in a corporate staff exceeding 270 people located across its four facilities in Australia (Adelaide, Canberra [HQ], Melbourne and Perth) and one in the USA.

One of the company's greatest achievements came about in November 2010 when CEA delivered to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) a world first - the first fourth generation Active Phased Array Radar (PAR) System to be brought into service anywhere in the world.


Phased Array Technologies - CEA’s phased array technologies provide modular and scalable phased array products suitable for use in the maritime and land environments. The CEAFAR Active Phased Array Radar provides a multi-function Digital Beam Forming (DBF) radar capability able to perform 3D volume search, surface search, fire control support, target classification in demanding, cluttered and jamming environments. The CEAMOUNT Active Phased Array Illuminator performs target illumination and missile uplink for multiple simultaneous semi-active homing missiles. The CEAMOUNT Active Phased Array Radar Illuminator can be configured as a mechanically trained face or a fixed multi-face solution. The flexibility provides support for existing system upgrades and new applications. Other phased array developments are included in the Research and Development section.

Continuous Wave Illuminators For Ship Self Defence - CEA provides illuminator technologies for semi-active missiles. This technology includes conventional transmitters for existing director based systems and active phased array solutions for agile multi-missile engagement scenarios.

Communications - CEA has developed a broad range of communications, technology and infrastructure for operational military communications including terrestrial HF, VHF and UHF and satellite capabilities. CEA provides complete multi-function shipboard communications systems including internal networked systems, external satellite and terrestrial systems.

Surveillance - CEA’s surveillance systems are in service in Australia, the United States and the Middle East in fixed and mobile, land based and maritime installations. The systems include vessel traffic management systems, coastal surveillance and integrated vessel surveillance systems. The flexible architecture facilitates though life upgrades in order to meet the challenges of evolving operational requirements.

Antennas - CEA has extensive experience in designing and producing innovative active and passive antenna solutions, allowing the company to offer a wide range of antennas for use in both military and civilian application including submarines, surface vessels and fixed/mobile land applications. CEA’s commitment to Research and Development also allows the company to offer custom built antenna designs to suit specific user requirements.

Software - CEA designs and develops software systems for signal processing, command, control, data fusion, system modelling and simulation, remote sensor network management and communications. CEA's integrated and systematic software development capability has a long history of successful software and firmware development and support.

Support - CEA Technologies has many years’ experience in maintaining systems in the factory and the field across a wide range of products, and has a Customer Support Section to provide direct servicing and maintenance to our customers. The supported systems include a wide variety of communications and radar products, and the computing technology associated with their applications.

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