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CENTRO DE ENSAYOS DE ALTA TECNOLOGIA S.A. CEATSA is an Argentine environmental testing company jointly owned by ARSAT and INVAP. It was created in September 2010, initiated its operations in December 2012 and the environmental testing facilities were officially inaugurated in September 2013.

The Company analyzes how heavy equipment and structures, namely, satellites, aircraft, vehicles, defense equipment, sensors, radars, data acquisition systems, and agricultural machinery, among others are affected by their environment due to changes in variables, such as temperature, pressure and humidity, etc.

The creation of CEATSA enabled Argentina to cover the whole cycle of satellite design and manufacturing. Previously, indigenous satellites, such as SAC-D had to be tested in the Brazilian National Institute For Space Research (INPE). This was expensive since the move of personnel and ground support equipment associated with a single satellite was significant. Since the Brazilian testing facilities were too small for the size of the ARSAT satellites, it simply made economic sense to actually build the facilities.

CEATSA is equipped with advanced laboratories and testing facilities, such as environmental testing chamber, shaker for vibration testing, reverberant chamber (acoustic environment testing), mass properties testing equipment, near field horizontal scanner, anechoic chambers.

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Centro de Ensayos de Alta Tecnologia S.A. (CEATSA)

  • Av. Cmte. Luis Piedrabuena 4950, San Carlos de Bariloche, R840CPV, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • +542944409399
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