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CES Communications Ltd. specialises in designing and developing communications security solutions for a wide range of applications. CES develops encryption products to meet specific end user requirements, provides custom security solutions for customers worldwide, and supports clients in customising standard products to provide a unique product for their situation. CES licenses its technologies to manufacturers of communications equipment, and works closely with each licensee to ensure successful integration of the technology into the final product. CES' strong focus on technical issues, custom solutions and encryption research and development.

CES has a strong record of developing innovative security and signal improvement techniques for voice and fax communications. CES implements both proprietary and industry standard algorithms and key management systems, and led the world in releasing the first commercially available encryptor for telephony, fax and data communications based on the AES (Rijndael) algorithm.

CES Communications Limited activities include Communications security R&D, technology licensing, custom security solutions and design and manufacture of encryption products. The company’s technologies include analog and digital encryption methods using standards based and proprietary algorithms, and they have developed a comprehensive range of encryption products marketed worldwide by CES' wholly owned subsdiary, SignalGuard International.

Services - CES licenses its encryption technologies and signal improvement methods for incorporation into other manufacturers' equipment.

Custom Security Solutions - The company’s architectures are flexible enough to provide communications security solutions meeting almost any user requirement, and allowing the customer full control.

Encryption Products - The company’s voice, fax and data encryptors are available at a variety of security levels, so a solution is available for almost every user requirement.

CES Communications

  • 14 Leslie Hills Drive, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • (03) 9699 5300
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