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Chaiseri Metal & Rubber Co. Ltd. is a Thai company located in the province of Pathumthani, in the north of Bangkok, Thailand. They have been operating in the defence business since 1939 with the policy of supplying high quality products according to customers' requirements at competitive prices.

At the beginning, Chaiseri ran a business in the production and services of rubber and rubber to metal bonded parts for commercial cargo trucks such as torque rods, rubber bumpers, rubber and rubber to metal bonded parts for cargo trucks that was very well known among cargo truck owners and drivers.

Since their experiences in the field of rubber to metal bonded parts production had continuously grown, the company increased its capability in production by purchasing various machines from several countries for the manufacture of track shoes and road wheels for all types of armoured track vehicles to support the Royal Thai Army. After that, Chaiseri made another significant move by establishing a new vehicle rebuild plant in their premises located in Ladlumkaew, Pathumthani in the north-west of Bangkok.

Chaiseri Metal & Rubber has completed several repair and upgrading projects for both wheel and track vehicle, from small vehicle like M151 to Amphibious Tracked Vehicle AAVP7A1. After success with repair and upgrading vehicles, Chaiseri has moved forward to design and manufacturer its own armoured vehicle, First Win, the High Protection against Ballistic threat and IED Blast. Introducing its own design, the company has progressed from being a support organization to the status of original equipment manufacturer.

At present, Chaiseri is one of the major military product suppliers for the Royal Thai Army and has delivered its products and services to more than 35 countries worldwide.


Defence Vehicle - Chaiseri Metal & Rubber has designed 4x4 Multi-purpose armour vehicle, First Win 4x4 (FW4x4). FW4x4 is non-chassis based vehicle.

Runflat - With Chaiseri Rubber technology, they develop run-flat system which allow vehicle to run 150 km after flat-tire.

Track System - First production of the track system has been produced in 1988. The track production has been running continuously since we start.

Chaiseri Metal & Rubber

  • 59, moo 6, Pathum-Banglen Road, KuBangluang, Lardlumkaew, 12140, Pathumthani, Thailand
  • +6625814981
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