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CHANGHE AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES GROUP CO., LTD is a Chinese company that functions under the leadership of the Aviation Industry of China and is located in the famous porcelain capital, Jingdezhen City. The Company has the capability to develop and produce in series multi-type helicopters, as well as aviation parts and assemblies.

CHANGHE AIRCRAFT, established in 1969, covers the area of 1.29 million sq. meters of which 0.22 million sq. meters correspond to the construction area. There are more than 4,300 employees and more than 4,000 sets of equipment. The total value of assets of the Company is about ¥RMB 4,300,000,000.

CHANGHE AIRCRAFT has a 37-year history of development and manufacture of helicopters and has successively developed and manufactured the Z-8 and Z-11 helicopters. Nowadays, the above-mentioned types have come into series production. At the same time, the Company has increased its international participation in the international market and has created affiliations with renowned companies, such as Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and Agusta Westland. Meanwhile, CHANGHE AIRCRAFT has introduced advanced manufacture technologies and has built up a corporate image in the international helicopter industry. The S-92 Tail Rotor Pylon in cooperation with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation had come into series production.

CHANGHE AIRCRAFT continuously increases its investments on facility upgrades to optimize its manufacturing capabilities, and has built up a modernized NC machining center, a composite material production line and a helicopter production line one after the other.

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Changhe Aircraft Industries Group Co. Ltd

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