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CICARE S.A. has been specialising in the development and production of light helicopters for over 50 years.

Among the Company’s portfolio are found 14 different models of helicopters and the helicopter flight trainer Cicare SVH-4, which has positioned the Company as a worldwide leader in the aviation sector.

For the development of aircraft, the Company uses different technologies, such as two-bladed, three-bladed and four-bladed rigid, semi-rigid and articulated conventional and counter rotating propellers.

Among the Company’s technical manager, Mr. Augusto Cicare's main achievements are: in 1958 the first helicopter, CH-1 was the first indigenous helicopter in Latin America; he was a world pioneer in ultralight helicopters. The Cicare CH-4, one of the world's first ultra-light helicopters, was designed in 1980, followed by the CH-6 and CH-7 models, recognized for their innovative command systems.

In 1996, Mr. Cicare invented the simulator/trainer helicopter Cicare SVH-3, which was awarded with a gold medal for the best invention of the world in the aerospace category in the Geneva Motor Show in 1999.

CICARE S.A. is equipped with a professional team that has been working with Mr. Cicare for years for the delivery of helicopter models in different configurations.

CICARE S.A. is currently developing the simulator/trainer helicopter Cicare SVH-3, the one-seat helicopter CH-7B and the first pre-series of the two seater, Cicare CH-12. It is also in the final stage of development of the tandem two-seater helicopter, Cicare CH-14.

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Cicare S.A.

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