Last Update July 4, 2016


  • Weapons & Ammunition

COMPAÑIA ANONIMA VENEZOLANA DE INDUSTRIAS MILITARES (CAVIM) is a Company located in Venezuela and dedicated to the marketing of arms, ammunition and explosives of high quality and competitiveness, as well as other goods and services that meet the needs of clients in terms of quality and safety.

CAVIM is a leader in the domestic arms, ammunition and explosives market significantly boosting the development of chemical products and other goods and services and has as a vision to become a globally recognized company specialising in the military sector.

Compañia Anonima Venezolana De Industrias Militares (CAVIM) - Pictures

Compañia Anonima Venezolana De Industrias Militares (CAVIM)

  • Calle Jalisco, Edf. Cavim, Piso 2, Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela
  • +582129934378|+582129935211|+582129932006
  • +582129935621
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