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Operating since 1987, Covertex is a world-leading producer of rapidly deployed structures and products. Covertex solutions are used in emergency situations, conflict zones and for disaster response in more than 20 countries. The company’s commitment to quality has helped them to forge lasting relationships with emergency services, military forces, oil producers and government organisations. Covertex is ISO 9001 certified.

The company's defence products list includes:

Defence Airshelters - Award-winning Covertex inflatable defence shelters are compact, robust and modular. They are manufactured to the highest standards using military-specific materials and can be deployed in a wide range of locations and climates.

Decontamination Shelters - Quickly deployed and compact, Covertex decon shelters are self-contained to provide an immediate decontamination solution in any location.

Secondary Containment - Secondary containment flexible bunds or flexible berms by Covertex ensure that hazardous or toxic substances can be contained and recovered without harming the environment.

LED Lighting Systems - The Covertex LED lighting system is a portable, compact and modular lighting solution for use with any inflatable, fixed or existing structure.

Helicopter & Vehicle Protection - Covertex can fabricate a made-to-measure cover for long-term preservation or all-weather protection in the field or on board a vessel. Covers can be gas and watertight.

Helicopter Wet Floor - Covertex can fabricate a made-to-measure wet floor (wet deck) to protect the inside surfaces and avionics of any helicopter from during water rescues.

Flexible Drums - Flexible drums are a unique product developed by Covertex providing a versatile solution for the storage or transportation of potable water and waste.

Flexible Tanks - Covertex manufactures a range of flexible tanks or bladders suitable for the storage of drinking water, fuel, waste water and industrial liquids. Covertex flexible bladders are collapsible and foldable, making them easy to store and deploy. The range includes marine tanks, stationery tanks and transportable tanks.

Tow Tanks - Tow Tanks or towable storage tanks and bladders by Covertex are a proven robust temporary liquid storage solution with unparalleled towing performance for use on oceans and lakes. They are supplied ready for immediate use and some sizes can be lifted when full to assist with discharging contents.

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