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CPE Systems are specialists in developing custom designed Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Real Time Data Acquisition, Structural and Condition Monitoring, and Vision Systems. The company has experience with a wide range of industries and applications, and they have developed a comprehensive network of Suppliers and Industry partners. CPE Systems NZ Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company.

CPE System’s team of experienced engineers and scientists has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the latest available Test and Monitoring technologies. The team is experienced in applying these technologies to customers’ specific Test, Measurement, and Data Acquisition needs. CPE Systems are familiar with working across a range of industry sectors and clients including: Research Organisations; Universities; Defence; Public Sector Organisations; Private Industrial and Technology Companies


Project Management - CPE has extensive experience in project management having delivered over 800 projects in the past 18 years. The process is kept as simple as possible and is documented in the Project Management Manual. Areas of activity: Project; Programme; Technology; Defence / Government; Product Commercialisation; CMMI Guidelines; Technical Writing.

Requirements Analysis / Feasibility Studies - Requirements Analysis, together with the Verification process is an integral part of the CPE Project Management process regardless of project size; Requirements and Verification approach needs to be flexible to cater for the variety and size of projects undertaken; Requirements capture is the process of documenting what the customer wants from the system; Verification is the process of providing objective evidence that the delivered system meets the requirements; CPE uses the V development model which is tailored to suit the size of the project being undertaken The V model defines the stages and importantly establishes the link between the requirements and verification stages.

Design and Verification - An element of this phase is the integration and verification of the design against the requirements agreed upon with the client. As part of this process, reviews and audits are conducted in the following areas: System Validation; Code Reviews; Design; Quality.

Production - CPE is geared to manufacture electronic and mechanical systems up to 100 pieces. Above 100 items and the production is outsourced to subcontractors. This includes: Purchasing; Production; Production Testing; Warehousing; Shipment.

Training and In-Service Support - A large part of CPE's work is involved in the support of their systems after they are deployed. This includes support of systems from third parties. CPE also provides training for the systems that it develops. This usually takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation that references the Operator and Maintenance Manual and is delivered over two days. In addition CPE can provide training for: LabVIEW; TestStand; Data Acquisition; Test Systems; Requirements Analysis; Project/Programme Management.


Software Development - Over the past 18 years, CPE have developed software for a wide variety of applications. Most of these have been 'embedded' or PC based solutions, but with the ubiquitous nature of the internet and the explosion in the use of mobile technology, CPE is now also focused heavily on the development of software for mobile and remote applications.

Mechanical Design and Fabrication - CPE has a very strong mechanical design and build capability through its association with Duncan Anderson. Past projects have included fixtures for testing Printed Circuit Boards to very sophisticated mounting frames for camera systems mounted on printing presses. Drawings are produced in Solidworks or Autocad with conversion to other formats available.

System Integration - At a system level, CPE is able to bring together all the various disciplines to effectively integrate the whole system into operation. At a technical level, that means that CPE: Selects and chooses the appropriate equipment/instrumentation; Develops the software; Designs and assembles any electronics needed; Designs and manufactures mechanical jigs/frames/handlers.

Data Management, Analysis and Presentation - In addition to design the company has a very strong analytical capability in mechanical stress through their alliance with Endurance Consulting in Sydney. This capability has been proven a number of times, most significantly in the measurement and analysis of the strain within the hull of ships, for both the Australian Navy and the New Zealand Navy.

Regulatory Compliance - CPE has experience in designing equipment to meet regulatory compliance requirements in: Machine safety; Electrical safety; Intrinsically safe; EMC; CE; Austick.

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