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DAEYANG CO. LTD., is an industrial leader in marine lightings, communication systems, power systems and nautical instruments. Based on over 38 years of experience in marine and shipbuilding industry, the Company’s superior products are acknowledged by various customers throughout the world.

Customer satisfaction is DAEYANG’s first and only priority as it puts endless effort to meet the highest standards of quality. With heavy investment (10% of annual turnover) on research and development, the Company’s R&D center is one of the most famous research centers in the industry for its innovation and capability of product development.

The Company operates in various sites around Busan, Korea and has overseas liaison offices in Japan, North & South America, Europe, China, South Asia and Australia for immediate response to the customers’ demands.

The lighting division produces lighting devices for various ships, such as LNG or LPG freighters, VLCC, container ships, chemical freighters and oil/natural gas prospecting rings and products qualified for specialized industries, such as KEPCO. Moreover, the Company is putting its efforts to produce electronic lighting devices for LCD, instrument boards for ships, cars, trains, and various industries.

The electrical division produces electrical distribution boards and switching boards for ships and trains, motor starters, as well as high/low voltage distribution boards for ground use and jumper couplers for trains.

The fan division produces industrial fans with low noise and high efficiency for ships and trains.

The instrument division produces temperature/pressure sensors, anemoscopes and anemometers for measuring directions, angle indicating instruments, engine telegraphs, engine condition recorders, remodeled products of industrial temperature and pressure sensors.

The sensors division is developing a variety of sensor modules that are required for precise measurement. In particular, the pressure sensor module has the product development processor and the process management ability which is satisfied with the necessary requirements in industrial and electronic fields. The sensors division has also a mass-production quality system according to the requirements of the customer.

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Daeyang Co. Ltd.

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