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  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

Daronmont Technologies is a wholly Australian owned Defence Industry Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) specialising in design, engineering, integration and support of complex high technology electronics and software-intensive systems. Daronmont designs, develops, manufactures, installs, operates and supports both hardware and software systems, system interfaces and system upgrades. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Key areas of experience and expertise include: Developing complex electronics and software systems for key Corporate, Government and Defence clients; Leading edge technology solutions for very high performance data acquisition and digital signal processing for real-time applications; Contract engineering design services specialising in high performance electronic hardware and software development; Long established relationship working with DSTO and Defence Agencies supporting their R&D programs; Specialist ILS capabilities to support in-service equipment and systems.


CommSECA - CommSECA is a cost effective RF Communications Surveillance and Direction Finding system that monitors the EM spectrum for transmissions of interest. Specifically designed and built for para-military or military applications using the latest in receiver and signal processing technology, CommSECA is especially suitable for monitoring SAR, illegal fishing activity, smuggling and piracy, and the security of Exclusive Economic Zones. Operating autonomously or with the guidance of an operator, CommSECA detects, intercepts and locates transmissions of interest for viewing on your platform's Situational Awareness display. Searching the communication band, CommSECA can passively track multiple transmissions, increasing your awareness and ability to respond quickly to illegal or life-threatening situations.

Daronmont Link Training Suite - The Daronmont Link Training Suite (DLTS) is a powerful package specifically designed to provide effective and realistic Link training to combat system operators and data link managers. The products that currently form part of the suite include Daronmont Link 11 Training Suite (DLTS11) and Daronmont Link 16 Training Suite (DLTS16). The DLTS is designed to run on COTS hardware and operating systems. The DLTS is a complete, self-contained product suite that simulates all elements of a Link 11 or Link 16 capable platform. The DLTS is scalable and tailorable and each product typically consists of between 3 and 8 student stations, each acting as a data link node.

Compact Battery Pack - This compact battery pack provides 8 Ahr capacity at 12V, with a maximum continuous peak current of 10A. Its small format factor makes it ideal for portable applications, powering a variety of field deployable devices. Utilising Nano-Phosphate Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) technology combined with intelligent battery management, this battery pack can fully charge in 90 minutes. It has 5 LEDs for displaying state of charge and allows remote monitored using a SMBus interface.

SECAR - Serving as the prime contractor to the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), Daronmont developed, installed and conducted site trials of a High Frequency Surface Wave Radar known as SECAR. The primary aim was to supply Coastwatch with comprehensive all-weather 24 hour surveillance services and data utilising the technology of the surface wave radar. SECAR was developed as a bistatic (separate transmit and receive sites) radar which provides greater range for the same power as monostatic radars and eliminates ‘blind zones’. The system uses the superior FMCW waveform and operates over a large frequency range of 4-16MHz. SECAR’s flexible and mature architecture allows operators to be kept in the loop which results in enhanced target detection in real-time. The system can be remotely operated and is capable of detecting both air and surface targets simultaneously.

Daronmont Technologies

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