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Dubai Silver Recycling, specializes in precious metal recovery techniques through the recycling of x-ray films and the Company is recognized as one of the world's largest silver recycling companies.

Dubai Silver Recycling is committed to offering the most cost effective medical x-ray film recycling, industrial x-ray film recycling, scrap CPU recycling, scrap ram recycling, scrap cellphone boards recycling, scrap motherboards recycling, scrap pcb recycling and precious metal recovery techniques in the industry today.

As one of the leading x-ray film recycling, electronics recycling, Gold recycling and silver recovery companies, it welcomes the opportunity to serve all of the film recycling, electronics recycling and precious metal recovery needs.

Silver and Gold can be found in photographic waste, electrical and electronic scrap like cpu scrap, ram scra, motherboards scrap, pcb scrap, cell phone boards scrap, jewelry and coinage,used x-ray films as well as expired x-ray films, used ndt films, and expired dated ndt films. Since silver and Gold are natural resources and are used for many different things, it's important to recycle them. As the population grows, the demand for silver and gold will naturally increase.

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Dubai Silver Recycling

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