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Fabrica Española de Confecciones, S.A. (FECSA) has been over the last 75 years at the technological forefront of the European textile sector.

Armed and Security Forces - Historically FECSA has based its work on the tailoring of military and state security service uniforms. From its beginnings with the Madrid City Council, through the process of outsourcing for the Spanish Armed Forces, it has managed to expand and consolidate itself internationally up to the present day where FECSA works in close collaboration with its foreign counterparts in outsourcing processes for other European countries’ governments and ministries. FECSA has now become a benchmark company in the textile and clothing sector, supplying around 4 million items per year in 15 countries to the highest technical performance.

Protective Clothing - Within the world of uniforms there are some articles which require special handling due to their great technical complexity and because they need to meet strict European and international regulations. FECSA has set up a business line for this purpose which includes all those garments which offer ballistic, fire, infrared, anti-mine, nuclear, biological and chemical, etc. protection.

Work and Corporate Wear - FECSA has always attached great importance to work uniforms and corporate outfits. This is a business opportunity which has borne fruit for decades and has shown clear development with the passing of time.

Fabrica Española de Confecciones S.A.

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