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Established in 1991, Fuba Printed Circuits is one of the leading providers of printed circuit board services from product concept to maturity.

The company has 22 years of experience in PCB manufacturing processes and its main areas of activity are the automotive, medical, telecom and industrial sectors. Fuba Printed Circuits is ISO 9001 (2008), ISO/TS 16949 (2009), ISO 14001 (2004) and OHSAS 18001 (2007) certified.

The company’s technology and strategy include: Increase the level of technology up to 26 layers; Develop new technologies; Via in PAD, Rigid flex technology; Develop specific technological customer solutions; Invest in automatic equipment for process reliability; Continuous cost reduction through management team following cost indicator; Advanced technology 50 um core, 75 um lines; Blind & Buried via, HDI, Via in pad, IMS Micros Vias, Semi Flex, heavy copper (410um) Rigid Flex.

Fuba Printed Circuits’ processes include: Cutting - Automatic Cutting machines are used to cut basic material depending on the size and format defined by the engineering department; Drilling - CNC modern machines are used for the drilling process. These machines offer several options, such as laser detectors which ensure the quality of drilling for the «Press Fit» holes. The optical detection machines are used to measure separately the ability of each pin in each drilling.

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Fuba Printed Circuits Tunisie

  • 7026 El Azib, Délégation Menzel Djemil - Km9 , Bizerte, Tunisia
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