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Since 1994 Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) has been involved in the development and manufacture of fibre optic based sensing systems for security applications. The company’s products are designed to protect perimeters, country borders, pipelines and data/communications networks from intrusion, excavation, theft, terrorism or espionage activities.

With hundreds of high security sites around the world, FFTs products have been tested by some of the world’s leading independent test authorities for use in Military, Government, Energy, Transport, Industrial and many other applications.

The products list include:

FFT Secure Fence is the ultimate fibre optic perimeter security system, detecting and locating intrusions on perimeter fences, walls, boundaries or high-security areas such as industrial, financial, military, government and petrochemical sites. Secure Fence is a next generation intrusion detection system with a performance that is vastly superior to that of any other perimeter security system in its class.

FFT Secure Point is the ultimate dual zone fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection system, setting new standards for both sensitivity and the control of nuisance alarms. Powerful yet easy to configure, it is sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types, without the need to house the sensor cable in conduit. The simple installation, reliability and maintenance free operation delivers the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

FFT Secure Zone is a zone based fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection system. Zones typically 200 metres long, with 8 or 16 zones per controller. Simple to install with no power or electronics in the field, and multiple perimeter security systems can be networked to monitor more complex sites.

FFT Aura SR is sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types, as well as covertly buried in the ground. It’s so flexible that the same technology can also detect intrusions along buried assets and in data cable infrastructures. In addition FFT Aura can cater for critical sites demanding hardened solutions that require continuous operation in the event of a damaged or cut sensor cable.

FFT Secure Pipe is the most proven early warning pipeline security monitoring system available, detecting Third Party Interference (TPI), tampering and illegal tapping attempts along buried pipelines. The entire pipeline is monitored in real-time and with complete safety. The simple installation, reliability and maintenance free operation delivers the lowest TCO of any pipeline TPI detection solution in the market.

FFT Aura LR detects and locates intrusions and TPI on buried pipelines in real-time, before pipeline damage occurs. Pinpoints the location of the threat to within 10 metres (30 feet) on FFT approved installations.

FFT Secure Link is an advanced network security monitoring system, detecting and locating intrusion attempts, tampering, or illegal data tapping activities along data networks from just a few kilometres to thousands of kilometres in length. The system uses existing fibre optic cables to provide early warnings of events before data loss or damage occurs.

Central Alarm Monitoring System (FFT CAMS) displays, monitors, and controls alarms on a single site or group of sites, bringing them together to a single screen. It has a simple to understand Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is available in a range of operator languages. FFT CAMS is also extremely powerful – interfacing to and controlling CCTV camera systems, MODBUS devices, high level security management and access control systems via TCP/IP.

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