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GTD is a high-tech company, committed to the design, integration and operation of complex, mission-critical applications and systems throughout the world.

Space - The company provides all types of engineering solutions for the space sector, from the development and incorporation of critical systems to complete solutions covering all the system's operational requirements.

Aeronautics - GTD offers software and technological solutions for all types of aircraft, mission systems, training systems and equipment.

Maritime and Port Activities - The company delivers technological solutions to optimise maritime navigation, improve port safety and automate processes.

Energy - GTD supplies design and implementation of instrumentation, control, and supervision systems in the areas of energy and related sectors (electricity, gas, water).

Scientific Facilities - In this sector, the company offer the following services:

High-criticality control and supervision solutions for Scientific Laboratories and Research Centres.

Radio telescope, particle accelerator and nuclear fusion solutions and consultancy.

Development of supervision software, control and maintenance software and standardisation of scientific frameworks.

Design and development of control centres for wind farms.

Development of solutions allowing the efficient integration of traditional generators into

clean energy and the reduction of operating costs and energy use.

Security - In the security sector, GDT provides:

Development of integrated, modular solutions intended for the protection of persons, sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

Turnkey solutions for the monitoring and supervision of control centres, communications networks and field equipment.

Protection systems for governments: optronic and radar sensor packages, optical communication systems and image processing and analysis systems.


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