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Guardiaris was established in the year 2006. The company’s core business is the development and co-development of simulation software and mobile training simulation systems to enhance training efficiency and soldiers’ safety.

Guardiaris’ main unique selling proposition (USP) is to provide most immersive and cost-effective training tools on the market. Key development and research fields include 3D graphics, virtual reality, real-time data processing and rendering, artificial intelligence and software engineering.

Guardiaris is a member of the NESSI Technology Platform and closely cooperates with various institutes and research agencies from Slovenia. All of their simulators are uniquely designed by experienced team of engineers and consist of HW components which are “guardiarized”, meaning that they incorporate the required computer components into replicas of real weapons and bundle them together with cutting edge SW technologies using Guardiaris’ in-house knowledge.

Projects developed or under development by the company include: Armored Warfare Training System; Mobile Training System RGW90 and PZF3; Small Arms Simulator; Remote Weapon Station Trainer; Artillery Simulator.

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Guardiaris d.o.o

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