Last Update October 18, 2023


  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Established in 1966, HANIL FORGING, has been supplying Hyundai, Kia, and Daewoo Motors with axle shafts and spindles for automobiles. The Company’s Korean market share is more than 80%. The Company has obtained the ISO/TS16949 Quality Certificate and ISO 14001 Environment Certificate, and has signed supply contracts with major motor companies in 12 countries, including Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Nissan, GM, etc., to supply spindles and axle shafts for medium and large vehicles on the basis of its internationally recognized technical ability.

Furthermore, HANIL is also producing missile bodies, warheads and airframes for tanks, warships and aircraft, as well as other forging components used for ships, wind power equipment, aviation industry, industrial machines, agricultural machines and heavy equipment. The Company distributes its products within the domestic and overseas market.

Hanil Forging

  • 604-7 42 of 9th road, Sungjuro, Namsan-Dong, Sungsan-gu, Seoul, Korea, South
  • +82 55 282 3201
  • +82 55 284 7023
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