Last Update May 30, 2023


  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies

The Hutchinson Group focuses on four business lines: Sealing systems, vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation, fluid transfer systems, transmission and mobility.

Sealing Systems

As a global specialist in static and dynamic precision sealing systems, Hutchinson's technology is ubiquitous in the industrial environment. Their solutions are used on the Automotive, Aerospace, Railroad, Heavy Vehicle, Energy, defence and General Industry markets. Their body sealing systems are used on cars and trucks as window seals (glass run channels and weather-strips), dynamic seals and seals for opening panels (doors, trunks and hoods).

Vibration, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

The complex links that connect vibration phenomena to acoustic and thermal effects enable Hutchinson to offer solutions for these two functions. Anti-vibration insulation is a requirement found in all types of markets: the automotive and aerospace sectors, rail transport, defence, offshore and construction. Hutchinson offers thermo-acoustic insulation solutions for airplane or helicopter cabins, and purely thermal insulation solutions for very high and very low temperatures in high technology fields such as the aerospace and medical sectors.

Fluid Transfer Systems

Hutchinson, a world leader in fluid transfer expertise, is an expert acknowledged for both its high pressure and low-pressure capabilities. As supplier on 5 continents for the Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Defence, Railway, and Heavy Vehicle markets, the group designs and produces pipes for air conditioning, braking and power steering systems, as well as for managing turbocharged air intake, engine cooling systems, and fuel and oil supply systems. They also supply the pipes required for pollution removal systems (Particle filters, Blow by, and SCR).

Transmission and Mobility

Hutchinson designs belt-driven power transmission systems for use in the car, truck, household appliance, and general industrial applications. In response to the mobility requirements of modern armies, Hutchinson equips all the main models of wheeled armoured vehicles. Its runflat system and aluminium wheels have been universally acclaimed. As for Hutchinson bicycle tires, they have been associated with innumerable racing victories.


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