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Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP) is a South African based company that designs and produces the REVA armoured personnel carriers. The acronym REVA stands for Reliable, Effective, Versatile and Affordable, personifying the clear mission of the vehicle and its designers - to produce a ballistic and blast-protected carrier that ensures the safety of armed forces and other personnel. The plant provides ongoing training, houses a service centre to ensure uninterrupted parts supply and the maintenance of vehicles currently in operation. The manufacturing capabilities in South Africa currently equates to 30 vehicles per month.

The V-hull is manufactured from 10mm armoured steel. The sides of the vehicle are composed of 6mm/8.9mm protection plating, with a double skin of armour for added protection. The bottom plate consists of 10mm/16mm armoured plate, and the roof, back door, fire wall and nose plate contain 6mm/8.9mm armour. Additional 4mm armoured plate is built into the floor plates with specially designed suspended seats for added protection. The REVA Armored Personnel Carrier complies with: Kinetic energy – STANAG 4569 level 3; 7.62 x 51 AP @ 30 metres with 930 m/s; Grenade and mine-blast test threat – STANAG 4569 level 4; 10 kg blast AT mine-explosion pressure activated under any wheel.

The REVA Armored Personnel Carrier is manufactured from recognised armored steel. It is built on a solid V-shaped monocoque hull - a unique, combat-proven South African design - and has been modified to withstand threats encountered worldwide today. The vehicle hull consists of two layers of armored steel comprising a 25 mm cavity to increase ballistic properties within the passenger compartment. The upper hull is supported by a V-shaped bottom plate that is internally reinforced by means of a capping plate for ultimate blast protection.

The REVA product range includes:

REVA III - These are the most cost-effective and economical armored vehicles in ICP's range. The REVA III is a low maintenance MRAP vehicle capable of operating under almost all conditions. Its basic mechanical system is user friendly and easy to operate in areas with minimal logistical back-up.

REVA V - ICP's flagship is the biggest armored vehicle in the range, the seating arrangements making provision for up to 2 + 10 + 2 gunners. This vehicle is available in various configurations to suit the customer's requirements. Equipped with a wider hull and a First World drive train, the vehicle is a perfect addition to big fleets.

REVA VI - ICP's newest member to its fleet of armored vehicles, the powerful 6x6 ARV (Armored Recovery Vehicle). Seating arrangements for 2 + 2 + 1 gunner.

REVA Ambulance - This is an armoured Emergency Medical vehicle, designed to safely transport injured personnel and paramedics alike.

REVA Scavenger - This vehicle is designed for underground transportation and can enter mine cages and low tunnels. The Scavenger also has a rugged design with a low-maintenance drive train, specifically designed for harsh mining environments.

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