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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment

IRAN AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIAL COMPANY (HESA), is an Iranian aircraft production company. Established in 1976, it belongs to the Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) and is located at Shahinshahr, Isfahan.

The Company has thousands of square meters of available grounds and 250,000 square meters of shops and hangars are allocated to A/C part manufacturing, assembly, laboratories, flight test facilities and preparation shops for production.

Among HESA’s portfolio of products are commercial aircraft, helicopters, fixed based simulators, full flight simulators, aircraft landing gear, food transportation trolleys, as well as helicopter rotors.

Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA) - PicturesIran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA) - Pictures 2

Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA)

  • 28 km. Esfahan Tehran Freeway, ShahinShahr, Esfahan, Tehran, Iran
  • +98 31 45224910, +98 31 45224920
  • +98 31 45227291
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