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IS TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD., initiated the development of underwater acoustic sensors in 1993.

IS TECHNOLOGIES is now supplying its products, namely underwater acoustic sensors (underwater sensors), rear sensors for cars, industrial measurement sensors and sluice gate sensors etc., all over the world with the excellence and quality of IS TECHNOLOGIES.

The Company who plays different roles in the development of sensors from the production to the commercialization process is gradually expanding its range of scope starting from simple sensors to high function complex sensors.

The underwater acoustic sensor of IS TECHNOLOGIES is a core sensor product in sensing, and the guided control of underwater arms systems, and is a main part for anti-ship and anti-submarine heavy torpedoes, and the light torpedo of Blue Shark to be used in ships, patrol aircraft and helicopters.

In the defense sector, the Company develops and manufactures sound sensors for sound resistance systems for sensing, alarming, and deceiving the enemy’s torpedo underwater, as well as sound receiving sensors. Furthermore, IS TECHNOLOGIES is mass producing various high performance underwater sensor systems, such as underwater image sensors for more precise signal transmission.

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IS Technologies Co. Ltd.

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