Last Update October 18, 2023


  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment

KANGLIM initiates the development of various kinds of machines related to hydraulic technology for a better tomorrow. Since its foundation in 1979, KANGLIM has produced cranes and special vehicles for domestic and overseas markets using state-of-the-art hydraulic technology.

KANGLIM has continuously developed complete quality solutions, such as truck-mounted cranes, special-purpose vehicles for electric works, fire trucks, rescue trucks, garbage compactors and a major line of environmental vehicles and equipment.

By sharing KANGLIM’s experience, technology, as well as 30-year experience and know-how in research and development with companies overseas, the Company has managed to become an enterprise with international recognition.

Kanglim Co. Ltd.

  • #484, Cheongnam-ro, Hyundo-myeon, seowon-gu, Chungbuk, Cheongju-si, Korea, South
  • +82 43 260 9111
  • +82 43 260 9124
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