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Since 1990 Khenchela Company of Mechanical Constructions (ECMK) produces Submachine guns, Shotguns, Pistols and replacement parts and tooling.
The ECMK is a public enterprise in the MDN (Algerian Ministry of National Defense) economic sector that specializes in the manufacture of light firearms.

It manufactures between:

•Gun PM89 which is a Chinese licensed gun (type81 Chinese) that is none other than the Russian AK47 (AKm) (famous Kalashnokov).
•RPK (a kind of kalashnikov lengthened).
•Two types of pump rifles based on the Russian Baikal.
•Pistolet CARACAL (Arab Emirates).

Algerian Khenchela Company of mechanical constructions (ECMK) produce most of algerian Infantry standard Weapons

ECMK produce :

PA Makarov

PA Caracal F (UAE license)

différent version of AKM

SVD (Dragunov)

RS 202P shotgun

RPD machine gun

GP-25 Grenade Launchers

the RPG-7V

Khenchela Company of Mechanical Constructions (ECMK)

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