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LASSERRE S.A. is an Argentine company with international projection established in 1969 in Buenos Aires, which under the REXIO brand is dedicated to the manufacture of weapons for military, police and civilian use, following a family tradition dating back to 1920.

Currently, Lasserre S.A. markets its products to 14 countries, meeting international manufacturing standards. Among the manufactured products are: shotguns, revolvers and pistols.

The manufacture and marketing of products has been previously approved by various state agencies, such as the RENAR (National Registry of Weapons) and Fabricaciones Militares.

For the marketing in the United States, the Company has undergone the necessary testing required by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which is the most prestigious and demanding when it comes to approvals for the marketing of weapons in the country.

The Company is backed by qualified personnel and state-of-the-art machinery and has the support of national and international suppliers that meet the quality standards required by the company.

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Lasserre S.A. (REXIO)

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