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  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

The State Enterprise Malyshev Plant, formerly the Kharkiv Locomotive Factory (KhPZ), was founded in 1895. The factory is part of the State Concern UkrOboronProm (Ukrainian Defence Industry).

Malyshev Plant's military product range is composed of light and heavy armoured vehicles, engines, spare parts and accessories, developed for the needs of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and foreign customers all over the world (see map below).

Military projects that have been undertaken by the Malyshev Plant, include:

  • Production of the T-34 Soviet tank (World War II)
  • Production of T-64 and T-80 tanks (Cold War)
  • T-84 main battle tank
  • Main Battle Tank “Oplot”
  • Modernisation of T-64 to the Main Battle Tank  “Bulat” 
  • Armoured personnel carriers BTR-3 and BTR-4
  • Modernisation of the Armoured Personnel Carrier BTR-50

Moreover, the Plant has an extended portfolio of civil products composing of diesel engines, farm machinery, coal mining, sugar refining, and wind farm equipment, as well as associated parts and accessories.

The factory is closely associated with the Morozov Design Bureau (KMDB) for military armoured fighting vehicles and the Kharkiv Engine Design Bureau (KEDB) for engines.

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Malyshev Plant

  • 126, Plechanovskaya Str., 61037, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • +38(057)784-41-71
  • +38(057)737-28-06
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