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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
  • Training & Simulation

Marine Systems, is a private limited company to market products and services produced by government concerns for maritime applications. The Company has been established to provide technical solutions to complex maritime problems specifically those arising due to outright obsolescence or due to diminishing of support from OEMs. Solutions are found through research, analysis and by proposing functional replacements through indigenous design. Comprehensive test and trial procedures are developed in close collaboration with the user and OEM (wherever possible). Rigorous tests are then conducted to certify workmanship and to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation in the intended environment.

MSL offers comprehensive solutions related to real time embedded systems, addressing a wide range of contemporary and vintage problems. The systems are developed in accordance with specific requirements of the valued customers using cutting edge technologies in design and development of hardware and software.

MSL can also provide design services for complex mechanical structures for various marine applications. All the customers have to do is just give a concept of the application or an outline of the operation and the engineers will develop a design for the user to see, evaluate and customise. The Company takes full responsibility for producing a machine designed to user requirements and fabricated according to international quality standards.

MSL can provide services for measurement of acoustic signatures of ships and submarines. Special arrangements can be made with the user to assure security and confidentiality of data.

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Marine Systems Pvt Ltd.

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