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Milkor (Pty) Ltd. is a privately owned South African company internationally known for its 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher which are used in more than 30 countries worldwide. Over the last 25 years, Milkor has supplied in excess of 50 000 weapons to law enforcement and military agencies around the world ranging lethal and less-lethal weapons. Milkor is ISO certified and subscribes to local and international codes of conduct for the distribution of weapons systems.

Milkor 40mm Multiple Greande Launcher Mk 1L - This is a rugged, robust, shoulder fired 6-shot launcher that has been qualified according to Military Standards. The MGL Mark 1L has a lengthened 140mm chamber as opposed to the standard 105mm chamber of the Mark 1S. The extra 35mm chamber area enables this weapon to fire a variety of ammunition. All shots can be fired in rapid succession of 6 rounds in less than 3 seconds. The MGL Mark 1L is a semi-automatic weapon designed with simplicity to offer uncompromising reliability and efficiency.

Milkor 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher Mark 1S - This is a rugged and robust shoulder fired 6-shot launcher that has been qualified according to Military Standards. The Mark 1S is a standard, 105mm chamber, 3rd generation launcher enhancing the capabilities of the legendary 40mm MGL also known as the Milkor Y2, and the 2nd generation Mk1. Milkor has supplied in excess of 50’000 MGL’s to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Milkor 37/38mm Multiple Anti-Riot (MAR) - MAR is a lightweight shoulder fired 6-shot launcher. The MAR is a derivative of the ever popular Milkor 40mm MGL, adapted to fire the standard 37/38mm less lethal riot control rounds available today.

Milkor 40mm Super Six MRGL Grenade Launchers - This is a versatile sixth generation 6-shot launcher with different options of cylinder length. A wide variety of 40mm ammunition can be fired from the SuperSix platform. Effective range includes all existing low- and medium velocity ammunition. Rounds can be fired in rapid succession of 6 rounds in less than 3 seconds (operator dependant). Standard 6-shot area coverage of at least 20m x 60m. The SuperSix is manufactured from Mil Standard materials to endure most severe battlefield conditions.

Milkor 37/38 or 40mm Stopper Convertible - This is an extremely lightweight single shot break-open weapon designed to give optimum performance utilising a variety of 37/38 Less Lethal or 40mm Less Lethal and Lethal rounds. As a security or assault weapon, it can be fired from the shoulder or like a pistol out of the hand. The weapon is extremely simple to operate and all metal surfaces are treated with a coating for corrosion protection plus long-life dry film lubrication. It is a conventional single shot, break-open weapon with a unique floating firing pin mechanism that ensures safety when accidently dropped. The components of the weapon are interchangeable, providing a wide range of applications ranging from less lethal 37/38mm to a 40mm lethal weapon.

Milkor 40mm Under Barrel Grenade LauncherThe 40mm UBGL is an extremely lightweight single shot weapon with advanced safety aspects. The UBGL can be attached to most modern assault weapons and rifles with minor adjustments and using the Picatinny Rail System.


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