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  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
  • Weapons & Ammunition

The NAVAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGICAL LABORATORY (NSTL), Visakhapatnam was established on August 20, 1969 to undertake research and development of complete major naval systems (Underwater Mines, Torpedoes, Fire Control Systems, Weapon Launchers, Targets, Decoys, etc.) for the Indian Navy to make it self-reliant. NSTL was established to work towards design and development of underwater weapons and associated systems and structural design of naval platforms.

NSTL will be a center of excellence for design, development and testing of underwater weapons, and associated systems, hydrodynamic studies of surface and sub-surface platforms and bodies, stealth technologies for naval platforms.

Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL) - Pictures

Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL)

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