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  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing

PT. Famatex, produces the highest quality fabrics, with excellent color fastness. It has a relative dimensional stability against crease and shrinkage. Products manufactured are available in various colors and specially ordered colors as well.

Innovations are continually conducted to meet the needs of the market. Very strict quality control and work system manned by competent human resource and continuously developed technology, by the end of the day will produce consistently stabile quality products that meet the international standard.

Since 1968, Famatex has been manufacturing high quality uniform fabrics. Providing the Indonesian community with the best school uniform fabrics that can last generations. Recently, Famatex entered into the military uniforms market and has been appointed as one of the official suppliers for the Indonesian Military (Industri Pertahanan Non-Alutsista).

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PT Famatex

  • Jalan Mohammad Toha, Jawa Barat, Bandung, Indonesia
  • +6222 520 5088
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