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Garda Persada, has approximately 1,000 employees and it produces lead acid batteries for military applications including radios, vehicles, aircraft, submarines and are moving forward to develop new battery technology for torpedoes and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Garda Persada is an affiliated company of PT Nipress Tbk and the name itself means ‘Guard of the Nation’.

In 2013 they produced approximately 1,000 units for the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) which consisted mostly of 12 volt batteries for vehicles. In anticipation of increased demand from the defense sector, Garda Persada is embarking on the construction of a second factory.

Garda Persada, the first company of its kind in Indonesia, is developing and supplying the Indonesian Armed Forces with an array of battery technology needed to power its vehicles, aircraft, radios and ships. In an interview with United World, President Director of the company Ms. Umi Kalsum explains how Garda Persada is supporting Indonesia’s defence revival.

The company supports TNI with a variety of battery products. These include lead acid batteries used for automobiles and motorcycles in the following roles: administration vehicles (RANMIN), tactical vehicles (RANTIS) and combat vehicles (RANPUR). Garda Persada, also provides gel and sealed lead and acid batteries for an array of hard and soft skin vehicles including: Leopard tanks, Scorpion tanks, AMX medium tanks, Anoa armored personnel carriers and Komodo tactical vehicles.

PT Garda Persada

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