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Roketsan, was founded in 1988 by the resolution of the Defence Industries Executive Committee for the purpose of “possessing a leading institution in the country for designing, developing and manufacturing rockets and missiles” the first production project of which had been the manufacture of propulsion system of Stinger missiles within the frame of “Stinger European Joint Production Project” which was an international program.

Under the Stinger Project, the production of composite fuelled launching and flight motors, one of the critical subsystems of the missiles, was undertaken by Turkey. It was because the composite solid fuel technology was not available in Turkey at the time, Ministry of National Defence (MSB) resolved to establish a new corporation for producing composite fuelled launching and flight motors. As a result of this resolution and the existing demand, Roketsan was founded on 14 June 1988 to enable the Defence Industries Executive Committee to meet the rocket and missile requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

Roketsan, has not only met the requirements of the Stinger Consortium fully in time but also succeeded in transforming the transferred technologies into new products, using the knowledge it had developed to the benefit of the country and has become a highly specialized national industry in the field of rockets/missiles.


Land Systems - Surface to Surface Rocket Systems; Surface to Surface Rockets.

Air Defense Systems - Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Project; Control Actuator System of PATRIOT Missile and Its Integration; Motor Development for the ASPIDE Missile; Motor Development for the TESEO Missile; Low Altitude Air Defense Missile HİSAR-A; Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile HİSAR-O.

Naval Systems - Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rocket and Launcher System; Launcher Production for NSM Missile.

Precision Guided Missiles - 2.75” Laser Guided Missile CİRİT; Long Range Anti-Tank Missile UMTAS; Medium Range Anti-Tank Missile OMTAS; Stand Off Missile SOM.

Ballistic Protection Systems - RZP-10 Roketsan Fragmentation Shield; RZK-7 Roketsan Cage Armor; RZB-20 Roketsan Armor Block; Ballistic Protection Center (BPC) Project


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