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Scanfiber Composites A/S is a company with many years of experience in ballistic protection. The company develops and manufactures light weight armour plating based on sophisticated fibre composites. They provide lightweight ballistic protection solutions on military (army, navy and air force) operations in various theatres of combat, but also civilian applications are a part of their program.

Since the company founding in 1996, Scanfiber has grown to become one of the dominant and most innovative players in the international field. The factory was built in 2006 and already in 2008 it was expanded to double size. In June 2010 they expanded their business by opening an office in Windsor, London.

Scanfiber has developed a number of brands based on the different materials the products are made of. The brands indicate the ballistic protection level and are divided into the flexible lightweight solutions or the more massive solutions.

Scanguard - Customised protective solutions based on solid and rigid materials are branded with the name Scanguard. Examples are: Scanguard add-on-armour for armoured vehicles made with a strike face of high grade ceramics or armoured steel; Scanguard spall liners made with high molecular weight polyethylene, aramide or fibre glass; Scanguard panels made with or without a hard strike face used for police shields, stand alone panels for protection of ringmounts, floor and side protection of aircrafts and soft skinned vehicles etc.; Scanguard panels for protection of buildings against explosion effects.

Scantex - Customised protective solutions based on flexible soft materials such as aramide or fibre glass fabrics are branded with Scantex. Examples are: Scantex bomb blankets made with aramide fabrics; Scantex vehicle protection against fragments for 4x4 vehicles; Scantex seat protection for enhanced crew protection; Scantex enhanced spall liners used for effective cone reduction in the case of an over match threat.

Scanschock - Scanfiber has developed a flexible protection system based on a flexible Scantex layer with a shock absorbing and damping material that enhance the survivability of vehicle crew members if subjected to a shock wave from e.g. an improvised explosive device. The protective system is branded Scanshock. Examples are: Scanshock floor protection for infantry fighting vehicles; Scanshock floor protection for light skinned 4 x 4 vehicles.

Scanblast - Scanfiber has developed a protection system that protects against kinetic energy and blast threats from explosions. The system can be used to create a stand-alone protective wall or integrated in buildings for enhanced protection against bomb attacks.

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