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SEYNTEX was founded in 1908 by Mr. Arthur M. SEYNAEVE and has expanded through the years from a flax weaving mill to an integrated textile group, active all over the world. Today SEYNTEX headquarters are located in Tielt, Belgium, in a modern equipped block of buildings. Due to continuous investments SEYNTEX (worldwide 1.200 employees) produces with up-to-date machinery in its own weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, coating, textile printing and manufacturing departments. The company is ISO 9001: 2008 and AQAP 2130 certified.

Protective Clothing: Complete range of combat clothing: field jackets, trousers, shirts, thermal liners, etc. in various fabrics plain dyed or with camouflage prints. Foul weather clothing with welded or taped seams. Made in various breathable fabrics in all kind of camouflage prints or plain colours. Wide range of coveralls, pilot coveralls, helicopter coveralls, submariner coveralls, tank crew overalls, etc. Nomex fabrics in plain colours or other type of FR fabrics in various camouflage prints. Customized design on all items.

NBC Clothing: Lightweight breathable NBC suits. Butyl gloves and overshoes. Casualty bags.

Ballistic Protection: Bullet- and stab resistant body armours. Ceramic or polyethylene plates. Fragmentation jackets. Bomb disposal suits. Soft ballistics panels and upgrade kits for vehicles.

Rucksack Systems: Personal load carrying systems, rucksacks and all associated pouches, belts.

Sleeping Systems: Sleeping bags, liners, compression sacks, campbeds with mosquitonets, personal tent.

Tents: A large range of tents: Inflatable or frame type tents, heavy-duty fabrics or lightweight, single or double roof, high wall tents, hospital tents, camping tents, desert tents.

Camouflage: Multispectral camouflagenets. Stealthnet system. Lightweight/antisnagging or traditional. 3D antiradar/IRR/FR. Thermal blankets. Static and mobile camouflage.

Riot & Rescue: Intervention clothing for police, fire resistant clothing, protected clothing for Molotov cocktails.

Fire & Rescue: The company has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the design/manufacture and supply of critical performance garments to the Fire & Rescue industry. The company uses the latest inherently fire retardant fabrics, thermal insulations and breathable membranes from own productions and/or supplied by the leading textile manufacturer's to ensure the garments comply with EN 469 and EN 471. SEYNTEX will manufacture to the end-user's own specifications and advise on compliant with the latest standards.

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