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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment

SUBHA AVIATION, introduces itself as an experienced professional in assisting customers in experiencing these very values. Besides, the Company will agree that it is very difficult for anyone to adjust their own schedule of engagements with fixed timings determined by scheduled airlines. For these often clash particularly for top-level management and other policy planners.

The Company’s services are designed to meet customers’ special needs without being encumbered by air carrier schedules. The Company has arrange charter services with aircraft of varying configurations to meet different contingencies like corporate meetings and appointments, health emergencies, holiday trips and social events like weddings.

The moment it is informed of travel plans including duration, destination and stopovers, the Company will initiate action with an accent on special personalised service. It can arrange to provide aircraft with seating capacity ranging from 5 to 150.

The Company maintains excellent relationship with the airlines and has assured itself of maintenance, safety and security of the aircraft and its occupants. These aircraft are mainly based in metros but will fly to every airport in use.

The primary factor prompting people, particularly corporate executives to use charters is the need for confidentiality about their movements. Such confidentiality is not possible with travel by scheduled air services. In the case of charter flights, the schedules are related to the convenience and immediacy of their requirement.

The Company can offer special services to travel agents and tour operators who bring groups of tourists seeking to experience as much of the tourism product as possible. There are few destinations, which cannot be reached by regular air services. The Company operates to remote destinations constrained by runway lengths by using various smaller capacity aircraft.

Subha Aviation

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