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Utva Aviation Industry is a manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, located in Pančevo, Serbia. It was founded in Zemun in 1937 as a cooperative for the production of gliders. During 1939/1940 Utva was moved to Pancevo to the meadows of the airport and there it started to maintain Bucker training aircraft. After the war the factory initially started to repair aircraft and make equipment and from 1948 to manufacture aircraft.

The list of aircraft produced by the company includes: Utva 212 , Utva 213 Vihor, UtvaAero 3, Utva Trojka, Utva 56, Utva 60, Utva 65, Utva 66, Utva 75, Utva Lasta 95, Utva Kobac. Utva also manufactures two UAVs, the Vrabac Mini UAV and the Pegaz 011.

The company produces parts for the Orao (Eagle) and the Super Galeb G-4 (Seagull)aircraft and parts and equipment for foreign partners.

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Utva Aviation Industry

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