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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation

WADI SAWA is committed to provide innovative quality products and systems as well as exceptional customer service to all organizations.

WADI SAWA, is the Company that can provide customers with professional consulting, information and planning not only for private houses but for the industry, the government and the military as well.

Global relations with experienced engineering staff fosters innovation in product and system design, taking into account a wide variety of applications for all climates.

The commitment to international companies, gives our customers immediate access to the newest technology resources, products and assistance, aimed at helping them achieve the best solutions.

Since its inception, WADI SAWA has combined engineering excellence with a sensitivity to the needs of the security market in Iraq. As conditions and requirements change and grow after the changes in the country, so has the range WADI SAWA.

Whether the criteria is competitive prices or high quality, WADI SAWA is dedicated to providing the right product.

The Company’s office in Germany has the best contacts to professional companies which deliver the best security systems and equipment worldwide.

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Wadi Sawa

  • Hawler Mall, 2nd floor No. 37, Erbil, Iraq
  • +964 6 62563882, +964 7 702608406
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