Last Update May 31, 2023


  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation

Energolukss is the leading full-service supplier of energy-efficient and sustainable backup and guaranteed power supply solutions in Latvia since 1997.

Our services are chosen by clients for whom professionalism, quality and experience are important. Energolukss also successfully uses the accumulated experience in providing energy-saving and electromobility solutions to customers.

Energolukss mission
With help of the experience and knowledge of our employees, we strive to provide customers with a complete sense of security, guaranteeing the most economically and technologically suitable solutions in the field of uninterrupted power supply and energy saving, as well as to help understand the need for these solutions.

Energolukss vision
The company is a leader in the supply, maintenance and repair of uninterruptible power supply and energy-saving equipment in the Baltics. We are leading experts in our industry.

Energolukss values
We mean what we say – you can trust that. Friendly and personal attitude towards the customer and his needs, maintaining the same customer service standards for all employees of the company. Stability of long-term relationships for employees and partners. Continuous improvement of the working environment.

Energolukss Ltd.

  • 46 Ulbrokas street, building k-2, Riga, Latvia
  • +371 67 542 223
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