Last Update June 8, 2023


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TRIGO is a global provider of operational quality management and consulting solutions, mainly for the automotive, emobility, aerospace and heavy transportation industries. Our 10,000 employees in 25 countries offer a complete portfolio of services throughout the supply chain, ranging from inspection services to the implementation of technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and data, as well as auditing, consulting, engineering and training, in the service of our partners' quality.

The unrivaled expertise, industrial mindset and extensive global footprint that TRIGO has built up over the last 3 decades has made TRIGO the leading quality solutions provider using the latest innovative and reliable digital systems and standard processes, delivering results in the most demanding industries. TRIGO has supported the global electrification of vehicles since the first modern electric & hybrid vehicles were produced. TRIGO has also expanded clientele by offering quality services to the medical, appliance, chemical and food industries.

Trigo Group

  • 4 avenue Pablo Picasso, S 70134, 92024 Nanterre, Cedex, France
  • +33 (0)1 41 44 05 85
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