Last Update June 28, 2023


  • Weapons & Ammunition

Solar Group is a global company, specialising in the design, development, manufacture and application of energy materials. It structures its business activity into

  • Blasting solutions for mining, quarries and public works;
  • Manufacturers of a complete range of industrial explosives (bulk and cartridge), detonators and detonating fuse and cast boosters;
  • Ammunition (HMX, RDX etc.) for the defence and security sector;
  • Production of key primary products in military activity i.e. composite propellants (Pinaka, Akash, Brahmos etc.), rockets & warheads for missiles filling of ammunition & fuzes and high energy material.

Founded in 1995, Solar is the India’s leading manufacturers of commercial explosives & blasting system and ammunitions. We believe in reducing cost of operation of mining and adding values through the use of expansion energy, always with safety as our first priority. We do this by bringing together: the best people; reliable & high quality products and safe, secure & reliable supply. Our safety standards are among the highest in the industry.

Solar Industries India Limited

  • "Solar" House 14, Kachimet, Amravati Road, Nagpur 440023, India
  • (+91)712-6634555
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