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As the global leader in cyber intelligence and cybersecurity solutions for today’s challenges, Rayzone Group strives to offer systems that improve awareness of potential threats, allow for foolproof mitigation of those threats, and enhance agencies’ efficiency. Through our unique approach to intelligence processes, Rayzone Group created a malleable and holistic ecosystem that meets customers’ needs in a cohesive manner.

Rayzone Group’s portfolio is comprised of a wide range of intelligent solutions, as well as the capability to build and maintain full scope governmental and organizational projects. Our expertise derived from the fields of Big Data, Cyber Intelligence, Fusion & Analysis, Counterintelligence and Cybersecurity led to the development of our trailblazer solutions that guarantee the highest levels of proficiency throughout all stages of the intelligence cycle.

The intelligence puzzle cannot be solved with one single piece- thus, Rayzone Group offers three solution types: standalone systems, integrated systems, and end-to-end turnkey national projects.

Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 standards and local offices in several countries, Rayzone Group has been delivering technologies in dozens of nations for over a decade. Full commitment to complete transparency, true partnership and a can-do attitude are essential elements in each engagement with the company’s diverse and wide array of customers, while offering them the most advanced solutions to meet their specific needs.

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