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EMTAN KARMIEL LTD‭, ‬is an Israeli Manufacturer of small arms‭, ‬guns and weapons with over 40‭ ‬years of experience and knowledge‭.‬ Emtan employs over 120‭ ‬skilled personals in a sophisticated computerize facilities that insures optimized manufacturing and quality assurance‭ ‬all this in order to deliver the end-user a reliable robust weapon within budget‭.‬

Based on the known M4-M16‭, ‬Emtan’s small arms are designed and manufacture according to MIL-SPEC to suite the outmost requirements of any army or police force‭. ‬Emtan Rifles are used by homeland security and military forces worldwide‭.‬ Emtan’s innovation in materials and processing technology and using the most updated machinery results in a rifle that is more‭ ‬reliable‭, ‬

more accurate and more ergonomic than the standard issue rifles used by armed forces‭.‬ Emtan MZ4‭ ‬Parts are fully compatible with other M4‭ ‬and M16‭ ‬rifles‭, ‬EMTAN offers upgrading and converting kits for renewing of used M16‭/‬M4‭.‬ Emtan holds valid of ISO 9001 certification for the small arms  manufacture,

 And AS 9100 certification of the Aviation, Space and Defense industry for the PRECISION MACHINING DIVISION. Emtan is approved by the Israeli MOD for manufacturing and exporting of small arms‭, ‬guns and ammunition‭.‬


  • EMTAN weapons and parts are manufactured according to MIL-SPEC standards.
  • EMTAN is certified by the IQC Institute for Quality Control and Quality assurance
  • EMTAN is a certified supplier to the IDF, the security forces and leading enterprises in Israel and around the world (including self-examination certification)
  • EMTAN quality control department is equipped with the latest and most advanced QA equipment. 
    All quality control equipment undergoes calibrations in an internationally accredited external laboratory (IQC) according to the standard requirements.
  • The Weapon AND part are inspected both during production and after final treatment as final product.
  • Each weapon is tested by a certified weapons inspector before packing and shipping (100% actual fire testing)


  • 4‭ ‬Bazelet st‭. ‬Industrial Zone Karmiel‭, 2165376‭ ‬Karmiel‭, Israel
  • +‬972 4 9987531‭
  • +‬972 4 9988981
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