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INTRIPLE a.s. is a joint stock company founded in 2006, located in Prague, the Czech Republic. INTRIPLE is focusing on customer needs, R&D and small volume production. We focus on state-of-the-art electronics in signal processing and microwave technology.

 From the very beginning we have participated in development projects focused on communication and defense in the Czech Republic. A year later, we started working with a major US customer to develop high-performance electronics for use in demanding chemical analysis. Experience with foreign trade has led us to intense international cooperation in the latest electronics. Although we are now mainly focused on exports, we are still working on R&D projects in the Czech Republic for the defense and security sector.

 For many years we have cooperated on projects for the National Security Authority (NBÚ), since 2017 we have been working closely with the newly established NÚKIB (National Office for Cyber and Information Security). Our knowledge of wireless communication, radar testing and measurement positively affects our project work by developing complete test and measurement systems and solutions in all major TEMPEST areas. We consult our experiences with the laboratories in the EU and NATO.

 In TEMPEST, we focus on these three main standardized procedures
• Zone measurement and evaluation - SDIP-28/2, IASG 7-02
• Attenuation measurement of shielding rooms - SDIP-29/2, IASG 7-01
• Measurement of compromising emanation - SDIP-27/2, IASG 7-03

The zone measurement and evaluation system has been developed to meet NATO's needs for mobile use with ease of transport.

 Electromagnetic installation of secure information systems requires not only adherence to the rules of related best practice manuals, but also the attenuation measurement of shielding rooms used to protect classified systems.

 Measuring compromising emanation from electronic devices is the most challenging area in TEMPEST measurement. Testing according to related classified standards to minimize the risk of leakage of classified information is a difficult task. We have developed unique software and hardware specifically for TEMPEST equipment testing.

 We are constantly improving our measuring systems to meet the needs of our customers, using the latest technology and improving the software to make the use of our equipment easy and to meet the needs of a demanding customer.

We supply TEMPEST measuring systems to most EU and NATO countries.


  • K Zelenči 2957/5, 193 00 Praha 9, Czechia
  • +420 281 865 137
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