The current geopolitical situation requires that the Netherlands also increasingly collaborate internationally with regard to security issues. International parties include NATO and the EU, as well as a wide range of binational and multinational partnerships. Dutch industry needs to align itself with these partnerships, especially in the areas of research, development and equipment production, but also with regard to staff exchanges and retention.

On the one hand, much funding is made available to progress towards closer collaboration within Europe in the area of Defence and Security. The European Defence Fund is making more than €13 billion available the coming years. For military mobility, aimed at simplifying the movement of military equipment within Europe, an additional €6.5 billion in funding is available, while close to €5 billion has been allocated for civil security in Europe. This funding is in addition to the funding made available by the Member States directly for European-based projects. The NIDV wants to keep its members updated on these developments as much as possible, so that the companies can decide for themselves whether or not to take part in European initiatives.

On the other hand, countries want to protect their economies, support their own industry and remain sovereign states. A level playing field in Europe will be difficult to establish in the decades to come. The competitive position of Dutch defence companies is therefore under considerable pressure. Competing for European Defence projects is a difficult challenge for both major Dutch corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. Nonetheless, international collaboration is essential in a time of geopolitical threats.

International collaboration, the theme of the NIDV Symposium 2018 to be held on 15 November at the Ahoy Rotterdam, requires the efforts of the Netherlands and its partner countries. During the NIDV Symposium, moderator Angelien Eijsink will be introducing interesting speakers and high calibre visitors throughout the morning. Presentations, breakout sessions and representatives of international organisations and companies will make clear that Dutch industry, knowledge institutes and the government are ready and willing to partner up. After all, there is greater strength in numbers – in Europe and the rest of the world.

Opening Date:15/11/2018
Closing Date:15/11/2018
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