With the migrant crisis ongoing in the Mediterranean and issues emerging surrounding the return of foreign fighters and the ever-present threat of cross border criminality, Border Security stands at the forefront of planning for countries and international organisations.

Building on the success of last year's sold-out event, the 12th annual Border Security Conference will cover the most pertinent topics in the industry today and will feature high level briefings delivered by senior experts from many nations around the world.

In addition, the conference will explore the surge in the development and application of biometric technology to achieve ‘seamless and autonomous’ border controls at land, sea and air.

Highlights include:
• Explore strategies and next-generation biometric technologies being implemented at land, air and sea borders around the world
• Investigate how European and global borders can be effectively managed in response to the growing migration crisis and the increased threat of cross-border terrorism
• Hear how nations are implementing the latest biometric and data management capabilities to achieve secure and autonomous border controls
• Discuss how political implications will affect border security within Europe and around the globe in 2019 and beyond
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Book by 31st October and save £400
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Register online at: http://www.bordersec.com/epicos

For more information please contact: scargan@smi-online.co.uk

Opening Date:12/02/2019
Closing Date:13/02/2019
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