One third of global Oil & Gas is extracted from platforms at sea, the network of underwater pipelines & cables is a vital infrastructure of modern society, the 90% of trade moving by sea, thousands of ports and terminals along coastlines are vital to the supply chain, marine wind farms are growing rapidly boosting clean energy, fisheries feed the demands of an extremely rising population while tourism including cruises & super yachts is becoming a powerful development tool.

As far as we are talking about all kinds of business development in the marine environment of the East Mediterranean, this requires a secure environment thus crucial to our economic stability, and of course is not threatened by any illegal activity.​

Defence & Security is essential to supporting the Blue Economy.​

The conference aims at raising awareness, providing specific expertise and appropriate mechanisms for cooperation between governments, international organizations, law enforcement agencies, representatives of the defense & security industries, offshore activities, vital coastal infrastructure, shipping and SAR, in all aspects of the threats that may hinder the development of the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean Sea.​

CYPnaval Conference, has been a key supporter of the Blue Economy concept, particularly in the East Mediterranean region.

Key Topics to be covered

•Frigates, OPVs, Coast Guard Vessels, Fast Assault crafts
•SAR vessels, Fire Fighting Vessels, Ambulance boats, Lifeboats
•SAR aircrafts & helicopters
•EEZ Surveillance & Patrols
•Unmanned Aerial Systems & solutions to monitoring the EEZ
•Aerial & Coastal Surveillance and Reconnaissance
•Satellite communications systems & communications service providers
•Underwater Surveillance & Security Systems
•Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
•Port & Marinas protection systems, administration and Implementation
•Container Security & screen systems
•Threats in the Maritime World :  Terrorism - Piracy
•Major and large scale incidents
•Cruise Ships & Superyachts Security
•Maritime Security Systems & Services
•Maritime Special operational units & Training centers
•Maritime Weapon Systems, Non-Lethal Weapons
•Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) system
•Multi-national cooperation
•EU Defence & Security Strategy 4Mediterranean
•EU Maritime Security Strategy
•Preventing & Tackling illegal immigration & fishing
•Maritime Insurance

Opening Date:02/10/2019
Closing Date:02/10/2019
Organizer:ZOMIDEA design & services ltd
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