The Authority has a requirement for the Design and Manufacture of a Double Bean Box Vacuum Vessel.

Extended TitleDesign and Manufacture of Double Beam Box Vacuum Vessel
Extended Description

The UK Atomic Energy Authority is a non-departmental government body carrying out research into the potential of nuclear fusion as a future source of energy.

The Authority has a requirement for a vacuum vessel. The vessel shall be of welded stainless steel construction. Its purpose is to house, mount and align internal and external components, while providing feedthroughs for required services. Key requirements:

— the vessel must be designed to recognised ASME or European pressure vessel code as far as practicable,

— the vessel must be ultra-high vacuum compatible,

— mass of vessel body cannot exceed 14 500 kg,

— mass of vessel lid cannot exceed 10 000 kg,

— mounting points must be achieved with high degree of positioning accuracy and allow for adjustment,

— deflection must be minimised when under vacuum.

The scope of work for the design and build of the vacuum vessel could include (but is not limited to): detail design work encompassing regular progress meetings, stress analysis and design substantiation, preparation for detail design review, CAD models, manufacturing drawings including welding details, quality documentation, procurement specification, manufacture of all system components to procurement specification including jigs and fixtures, inspection and factory acceptance testing of all components, cleaning to UHV standards, delivery to site.

This PIN has been published to enable market research to commence to assess the reaction of the market to the proposed requirement and review available technologies. The Authority will conduct a dialogue with the marketplace. This may result in a call for competition based on the content of the requirement achieved through the dialogue.

The following documents provide further detail regarding the description of the requirement and can be accessed using the link provided below:

1) DBB Vacuum Vessel — Market Sounding Questions;

2) DBB Vacuum Vessel – Requirements Datasheet;

3) DBB Vessel and lid CAD Export for discussion only.

The link below will take you to a registration system where you will be requested to enter your contact details. Once you have submitted these you will receive an email that contains a direct link to the 3 documents listed above.

Please ignore the wording in the registration system email that implies that this is an invitation to tender.

A response to the Market Sounding Questions by 11.10.2018 would be appreciated.

Publication Date2018-08-24
CountryUnited Kingdom
Procurement StatusFuture
TypeNot applicable
Contract TypeSupplies
Award CriteriaNot applicable
OrganisationUnited Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
Attention OfBen Grainger
AddressCulham Science Centre
Postal CodeOX14 3DB
Phone+44 1235465315
Class Code44615100
Class DescriptionSteel pressure vessels
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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